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No Reverse Transmission Issues - BMW

This is the ONLY website that is solely dedicated to helping BMW owners voice their opinions and gather data on the KNOWN reverse transmission issue that prevents the cars from going in reverse. Oh, the wonderful feeling of no reverse.

Consumers from all over the U.S. are reporting the failure. Without notice, the reverse gear stops working in BMWs, many of them the popular 2000 323i luxury sedan.

Latest Update 9/20/09:
Please check out this write up on E46. Looks like it could be very useful.
Thanks to Neil for emailing this to us.

Does anyone know anything more about this Class Action suit against BMW from October 2008? We sure don't!! http://tinyurl.com/deqdez
I signed up for a trial account, and read the article, then Law360 made me take it off the site or pay $300. It doesn't really say much that benefits the rest of us. But, if you want to check it out, sign up for a free trial and check it out.

Latest Update 2/27/09:
Start reading the complaints now and see how many people have experienced the exact same problem as you!!!!  click here to view the complaints

Latest Update 7/18/08:
We've added a new Florida repair shop to the site. Our friend Tim over at Florida Transmission Repair can get you backing up again for a great price. Check out their information on our Repair Shop page.

Update 6/19/08:
8 hours after the post below, we received a comment which I thought was from some random person, but the ip address ( is used by BMW & Mini Of South Atlanta. The comment was: "You guys should all kill yourselves. Get a real job, or a dog. A 50/50 split on parts on a car with 120k+ is acceptable"  --- Now that's classy.

Update 6/19/08:
Wow - I forgot to update the main page. Well, we have TONS of complaints for you to look over. Also, one of our readers, Keith, will be protesting in Atlanta on Saturday, June 28th. If anyone is interested, please fill out the contact form and we'll get you in touch with him!

Update 1/9/08:
Sal submitted a great article he found which was written by Joe Sirugo of TransSpecialties. You can check it out here.

Update 1/8/08:
Scott sent us a great write up on his experiences getting his car fixed, check it out here. Thanks Scott.

Update 1/4/08:
Archived complaint pages because it was getting way too long. That's pretty sad!

Update 12/26/07:
Added a new Repair Shops Page. We are looking for shops that are familiar with this issue and will repair it at a reasonable fee. Check out the new page here

Update 12/4/07:
Added a few invoices and pictures. here

Update 11/18/07:
More and more complaints, they just don't stop coming in.

Update 10/18/07:
We have received more and more complaints. We also have the stock reply from BMW NA if you care to read it. here

Update 10/5/07:
More updates from our readers on the complaints page.

Update 9/28/07:
Our buddy Frank has put compiled a bunch of docs for us (including his bill, correspondence with his attorney and BMW NA, emails to the local dealership and more. As always, you can find this and other docs in the documentation section. Thanks Frank!!

Update 9/27/07:
A tranny autopsy was performed by our buddy Bill, we have put together his findings as a pdf which are available in the documents section.

Update 9/26/07:
Receipt and paperwork from a recent repair has been posted.

Update 9/24/07:
We have obtained the BMW Service Bulletin
247500 that discusses the transmission. 

All these documents can be found here.

Thanks to all of our contributors.

More to come. Please check out the other sections of the site.